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Growing older is inevitable? But feeling old isn't? Whether your are concerned with bone or joint health, memory, eyesight or facial lines, Sella Care®'s Healthy Aging products can help keep you looking and feeling great no matter what your age!

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Special Liquied Mineral. There are 90 nutrients essential to human health. * Non-GMO Project Verified * cGMP Certified * KOSHER Certified * GRAS Affirmed * All Natural

Sella Care ®


M3 dietary supplement, full range Amino Acid Chelated Minerals. The minerals in this highly advanced product are reacted with a whole rice concentrate rather than soy, yeast, or milk proteins that are commonly used to chelated minerals. The special rice concentrate used by Sella Care is seven times higher in amino acid content than ordinary rice and has an amino acid profile preferred by many over soy.

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Calcium, the most abundant mineral in the human body, has several important functions. More than 99% of total body calcium is stored in the bones and teeth where it functions to support their structure. The remaining 1% is found throughout the body in blood, muscle, and the fluid between cells. Calcium is needed for muscle contraction, blood vessel contraction and expansion, the secretion of hormones and enzymes, and sending messages through the nervous system. The physiological functions of calcium are so vital to survival that the body will demineralize bone to maintain normal blood calcium levels when calcium intake is inadequate. Thus, adequate dietary calcium is a critical factor in maintaining a healthy skeleton. A constant level of calcium is maintained in body fluid and tissues so that these vital body processes function efficiently.

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VC 2000


Vitamin C provides antioxidant activity and nutritive support for normal, healthy collagen synthesis, cartilage and bone development, immune function, capillary and blood vessel integrity and nerve impulse transmission.

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Golden Water


The Vitamin E in this product is derived exclusively from 100% natural, unesterfied -alpha-tocopherol, in a base of mixed tocopherols of d-Beta, d-Gamma, d-Delta. The special lecithin used in this product includes phosphatidyl choline, linoleic acid, phosphatidyl inositol, and phosphatidyl ethanolamine. Lecithin helps to emulsify Vitamin E, making it even more bioavailable. Organic, yeast-free selenium has been combined with Vitamin E to create a unique and powerful antioxidant combination.NATURAL

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Mediterranean Oil


Soothing Touch Massage Oils have been designed to meet the professional standard of excellence. In keeping with the principles of Mineral Oil, the ancient healing tradition known as the Science of Life, our Soothing Touch Oils enhance skin contact during body work to help the therapist release tension and unblock vital energies. Formulated for an incredibly smooth glide, Soothing Touch professional massage oils absorb quickly, leaving the skin soft and silky without a greasy residue.



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